How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Xbox One

It is always fun to have your Xbox connected to a big-screen television. It’s no surprise that most people usually connect their Xbox to their televisions. But what will you do if you want to use your Xbox away from home, you don’t have a tv monitor or the family members are watching their favorite program? In this case, you can use your laptop as a monitor or screen for your Xbox one.

Today, technology has evolved tremendously, and you can now use your laptop in many fantastic ways, including using it as a monitor for your Xbox one. Fortunately, the process is quite straightforward.

In this post, I’m going to show you, 2 different ways that will help you use laptop as monitor for Xbox one very easily as well as talk about the exact requirements you need to get things run smoothly.

use laptop as monitor or screen for xbox one

Then last but not least, we’ll see some of the major benefits of using a monitor for gaming purposes.

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First, here is an exclusive look at different ways to use the laptop as a monitor for Xbox one.

2 Different Ways to Use Laptop as Monitor for Xbox One

Like most gaming consoles, Xbox One is connected to TV screens. However, you can also connect your Xbox One to the laptop for portability and more convenience. Let’s dive into the different ways you can connect your laptop and Xbox and the step-by-step guidelines on setting up so you can go on to enjoy your gaming experience.

1 – Connect Xbox One on Your Laptop Screen With HDMI

play xbox one on laptop with hdmi

HDMI provides a typical connection that conveys audio and video via a cable from one device to the other.  However, when linking the laptop and Xbox via HDMI cable, you require to understand the variance between an HDMI Output and HDMI input.

The HDMI Output transmits audio and video, which are received by the HDMI Input. Therefore, you need to connect the Xbox HDMI Output to the HDMI Input of the laptop for the game to display on the laptop’s monitor.

The problem with most laptops is that they lack an HDMI Input port and mostly come with an HDMI output.  This simply means that the laptop can convey images and audio through the HDMI output to an external monitor.

However, no audio or image signal can be conveyed from an external monitor to the laptop’s screen. So, to connect Xbox One to your laptop monitor via HDMI cable, your laptop should have an HDMI input port.

After ensuring your laptop has an HDMI Input port.

To Connect Your Xbox One to Your Laptop Screen via HDMI Input Follow these steps:

Step 1: Get all the things you require to connect these two devices. You will require an Xbox One, a laptop with an HDMI Input connection, and an HDMI cable.

Step 2: –  Unsure the Xbox One is off.

Step 3: Make sure you close all running computer programs.

Step 4: Connect the HDMI cable to the laptop and Xbox.

Step 5: Connect the Output HDMI port to Xbox One and the input HDMI Port to the Laptop.

Step 6: Switch the Xbox on.

Step 7: Wait for some seconds for the laptop to sense the Xbox, and it will then switch the display.

If it does not display the Xbox One mode automatically, go to the display settings on your laptop and select the proper video source.

Go to the ‘System Settings’ on the Xbox dashboard for display and resolution configuration depending on your preferences.

Step 8: Relax and enjoy your game.

The good news is that an HDMI cable is not costly. So, if you did not receive one when purchasing your gaming console, you can easily get it for less than ten dollars. 

2 – Use Your Laptop as Monitor for Xbox One via Wireless Connection

Use Laptop as Monitor for Xbox One via Wireless Connection

If you don’t have an HDMI cable or the laptop has no HDMI port input, the wireless connection is the best option. You can also use an Ethernet connection as a Wi-Fi connection can be unreliable and cause a lagging gaming experience. This option needs both your laptop and Xbox to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The best option would be using a network connection between your modem and laptop. You should choose your laptop’s sharing tab and then change the settings to enable networkers to join via the Wi-Fi connection on your laptop. Although this method is a little more challenging, it is the best option if your laptop has no HDMI input.

Requirements for connecting your Xbox One Wirelessly

Before connecting your Xbox One to your laptop monitor, you need to install some software programs on the laptop, including Windows 10. Windows 10 enables you to connect both these devices. 

The laptop should have properties of a minimum of 2 GB Random Access Memory (RAM) and a 1.5 GHz processor. You will also need to download DirectX 1 and the Xbox App. Both are available on the Windows Store and make it easy to connect both laptop and Xbox One.

After you install all of them.

Connect your Xbox One to your laptop wirelessly following these simple steps:

1 – Open the Xbox Application and sign in to your Xbox account.

2 – Go to the Settings and click ‘connection.’

3 – Choose your Xbox device console on the list of the home network.

4 – When connected, click ‘stream’

5 – The laptop will begin displaying audio and images from the Xbox One.

6 – You can now play any game you like in the Xbox app.

This is all you need to do to use your laptop as a screen or monitor for Xbox One, and you can now stream and play your games with ease.

The Minimum Laptop Requirements of Running Xbox One

If you are searching for a laptop for gaming, you should consider getting a gaming PC or laptop. These will come with powerful features such as sufficient storage, the fastest GPU and CPU, and more. However, when using a laptop as a screen or monitor for your Xbox, you don’t have to go for the expensive models as the most affordable can work just fine.

However, you should check on some requirements needed, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI ports, and other necessary features to support gaming, including a proper cooling system. Gaming drains a lot of power; hence you should make sure your laptop has sufficient charge to enable you to game for hours and have a charger to plug it into power when it brings low battery warning.

Some of the minimum requirements of a laptop to run Xbox One include:

·   Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity

·   Windows 10 operating system with the latest updates

·   A minimum of 4GB RAM. For a smoother gaming experience, it’s recommendable to get a laptop with 8GB RAM or more.

·   A quad-core AMD or Intel-based CPU processor with 5ghz or more

·   Signed in to the Xbox to synchronize with the Xbox One gaming console

·   The Xbox console settings allow for game streaming.

How to Start Streaming Using the Xbox App

connect xbox one to a laptop

Can you use the laptop as a monitor or screen for Xbox One?

Yes, you can use it with game streaming. You can stream your game via the Xbox One App. This option enables you to play XBOX One favorite games remotely on your laptop using your home network.

The gaming console manages your game with game streaming while your laptop acts as the second remote screen. This will enable you to play anywhere if the laptop keeps connected to a good network range. Also, keep in mind that a faster network will give you a better gaming experience without lag.

However, you will need to sign in to your Xbox live account. After signing in, go to the settings on your Bluetooth and switch on your Bluetooth to connect the controllers. However, if your laptop has no Bluetooth, you will first install it.

To begin streaming Using the Xbox App, follow the steps outlined below:

1 – Allow game streaming on Xbox One by going to ‘ Settings,’ click ‘ Xbox app connectivity,’ and click, ‘Allow game streaming to other devices.’

2 – Open your Xbox App and sign in. But if you don’t have the Xbox Console Companion app on your laptop, download and install it from the Microsoft store.

3 – Go to the Settings and click on ‘Device Connection’ and select your console.

4 – When connected, select ‘Stream,’ and you can start streaming your game from the Xbox One App.

Benefits of Gaming Using a laptop as A Monitor for Xbox One

There are various benefits of using a laptop as a monitor or screen for your Xbox One instead of a television. Most people disregard using a laptop as an alternative monitor, but that you know how you can use it, here are some reasons that make it better than a television monitor.

Laptops Are More Accessible

One of the reasons for using a laptop as a screen for your Xbox One is that laptops are more accessible than television monitors. Your laptop will perform just fine as a television screen. However, the graphics quality and resolution might not be as good on the laptop as on the television monitor.

so if you value high-resolution graphics, this is something to think about. However, if you don’t care about the graphic’s quality and only want to play, you can readily use your laptop to stream your favorite Xbox One games.

More Portable

Recent TV models are mostly large flat screens that are attached to the wall. These televisions are not easily moveable. In contrast, your laptop is easily portable, and you can easily carry it wherever you want. Laptops are also space-friendly than televisions.

So, whenever you are traveling and aren’t sure whether there will be a TV screen, you can take your laptop with you and enjoy playing Xbox One whenever you go.

Less Costly

Finally, here comes one of the most significant reasons why most people consider using a laptop monitor. High-end gaming monitors are plenty expensive and might end up falling out of your budget. You might also find cheaper options, but your laptop is still much better in terms of the value for money.

Are Laptop Monitors Better Than Gaming Monitors?

The answer is simply no! Although laptops come with their own benefits, gaming monitors have been specially designed to provide high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay of most gaming consoles, including Xbox One.

Gaming monitors will provide you with a bigger screen with more enhanced resolution than any laptop can offer. They feature more advanced display options, 4K, and UHD properties. Therefore, the best way of improving your gameplay display is by investing in a high-quality gaming monitor. A 4K gaming monitor is about four times sharper than an HD laptop.

Another superior feature of the gaming monitor over your laptop monitor is the refresh rate. While laptops have a refresh rate of about 60Hz, most gaming monitors have a refresh rate of 144Hz. This will ensure your gaming experience will be more smooth and responsive than on the laptop monitor.

Even more, a gaming monitor is better when it comes to the problem of input lag. If your device has a low input lag when playing, using this kind of monitor will give you quicker response times.

However, despite these laptops’ shortcomings, you can still effectively enjoy playing Xbox One games while using the laptop as a monitor, depending on your preference and available options. So, if the gaming monitor or television is in use or damaged, you might have to use your laptop as an alternative option.  

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Final Thoughts

Using a laptop as a monitor or screen for Xbox One has been proven to be an alternative option, particularly in the absence of a television screen or when it’s engaging in other things and when traveling as a laptop offers easier portability.

You can use any of the above-reviewed methods to connect your Xbox one and laptop, and they are all straightforward and quick to set up. The wireless connection option is best if your laptop lacks an HDMI Input port.

However, the drawback of using a laptop as a monitor or screen for your Xbox One is that it has lower graphic quality compared to a television monitor. You will also need to adjust to gaming on a minor screen. Another problem is that not all laptops come with a port for HDMI Output. Although Wi-Fi connection is an alternative option on this type of laptop, your gaming experience is likely to be disrupted by varying internet speed.

In general, we hope you have understood the different ways to use laptop as monitor or screen for Xbox One.

That’s it for our today’s topic.

If you still have any questions in mind, feel free to drop them below. Otherwise, do let me know about your gaming experience using the laptop as a monitor if you have tried so.

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