How To Disable Laptop Keyboard

Many people are now resorting to disable laptop keyboard and finding alternative ways to get their work done simply because typing on small laptops designed for mobility can be very difficult. Disabling a laptop’s keyboard can be harder than expected, but this is for a good reason. This is because it is not something that happens accidentally.

This can be disabled either temporarily or permanently. Disabling temporarily involves disabling the peripherals, software, or drivers disqualification for a short time. However, as this is done, the system will still have no restrictions when you need to reinstall the keyboard. As a result, once you reboot the system, an automatic search will be conducted to install the drivers, and the keyboard is one of them, and will start working as usual. 

Disabling it permanently is different since you will be completely disabling the peripheral and restrict the whole system from reinstalling it again. This will not allow the keyboard to work automatically unless you plan to re-enable it once again.

how to disable laptop keyboard

In this article, we will discuss how to disable a keyboard on windows and Mac and find out the alternatives of keyboards.

Disable Laptop Keyboard On Windows [3 Ways]

You can easily remove your in-built keyboard or disable it and use the alternative options with your device. The market offers many external alternatives, either with a USB cable connection or Bluetooth connection. Below are two common methods of disabling a keyboard on windows.

1 – Use The Device Manager

This is the most used and recommended method with a device manager since it is simple. Nevertheless, you should consider that this method cannot be applied to every laptop, but there is no harm in trying.

Here are the steps to disable a laptop keyboard using the device manager:

  • Select device manager from the list you will see after clicking Win and X at the same time
  • Locate keyboard and expand it
  • On the internal keyboard, right-click and then disable
  • Some devices might not have the disabled option, but this should not worry you. Go ahead and click the uninstall option

This method is effective if you are trying to disable the peripheral temporarily. Even if the option you found was to uninstall, once you have a device manager scanning for new hardware in your machine, the peripheral will be automatically reinstalled.

2 – Use group policy

Sometimes the device manager method might not work for your laptop. This is when you can try the group policy option. The group policy editor is responsible for restricting your automatic installations so that the peripheral is not automatically reinstalled. One thing worth mentioning, though, the method only works for devices running on Windows 10 Pro and those using Enterprise edition. If you happened to have a device in this category.

To disable laptop keyboard using group policy, follow these steps:

  • Start by opening the device manager
  • Go through the list you will be presented with and locate the keyboard. Expand this section
  • You will see a driver, right-click it, and select properties
  • Switch to the Details tab and click the property drop-down menu. Select the hardware LDS
  • Right-click the top option in the value section and Select copy
  • Open group policy editor
  • Expand its left section beginning from configuration to device installation restrictions
  • Locate the prevent installation option and double click on it
  • There is a check box next to the enabling option; mark it
  • On the options section, click the show button
  • Double click the space bar and paste the ID copied in step 6
  • Click the ok button twice
  • Right-click the start menu and open device manager 
  • Right-click on the internal keyboard and click on uninstall from the menu
  • Allow any prompts that might appear
  • Close the manager and reboot the laptop

3 – Use third-party applications

There are countless applications available online that can help with disabling peripherals on windows. These allow you to achieve this with only a few clicks. These applications include:

Key Freeze

This is effective and has gained a lot of reputation over the years. First, you will need to install the application, and with a few clicks, this app will disable both your trackpad and keyboard. However, like everything else, it has its drawback: it disables all the devices at once. All you have to do is press the Control button, Alt and Del buttons at once. 

Disable Laptop keyboard on Mac

MacBooks are the best laptops in the market. However, sometimes you don’t like keeping the peripheral or using them. If you are looking for a way to disable it, here is a simple way to achieve this by only using terminal commands. Of course, you can also use software to accomplish this. 

1 – Using terminal

A terminal in Mac functions the same way as CMD in Windows. This is because it lets the user operate and control the macOS device in developer mode. The terminal works by allowing the user to paste commands, and that is all. However, sometimes, you will be asked to provide a password, input it, and you will be good to go.

2 – Use keyboard cleaner

This is the best option for the user of Mac. The keyboard cleaner is a third-party application available in these laptops that allows disabling and enabling the peripheral. Initially, this app was designed to turn off the keyboard whenever cleaning is needed but was then rejected. However, it is still useful when it comes to disabling and enabling peripherals.

3 – Use accessibility settings

The method partially disables the peripheral as it leaves some of the keys work. The keys left working allow the mouse to work; hence are called mouse keys. To get this done, you will have to locate accessibility in the system preferences. First, click the trackpad and mouse icon in the list you see on your left. The top right side has an option button which you will have to click. Then, ignore the built-in trackpad option whenever the mouse keys are on by checking the box. Finally, click Ok and close the system by tapping the alt button five times.

Unfortunately for Mac users, you cannot disable the peripheral permanently like in Windows. So the best suggestion that is recommendable is the KeyboardCleaner method because this will disable the whole keyboard.

Keyboard alternatives

There are various alternatives to the standard keyboard, and they are easier to use. Usually, they are wireless. Wireless keyboards connect to the laptop using a USB or through Bluetooth, helping you to type comfortably. Also, these devices are ergonomic and portable, and most importantly, do not take a lot of space compared to wired ones. Here are some specifications to consider before you buy one for yourself.


Size consideration is a must-do for the keyboard because you would want it to help you perform your tasks comfortably. Some are small and light enough to help with mobility. Others are big enough for comfortable typing but take a lot of space on the desk or luggage. If you are looking to use this for gaming, a smaller one can work perfectly for you. The bigger ones are good for writers because they offer enough space to spread their hands.

Windows or Mac

Some laptop owners will use Windows, while others use Mac. These are two different operating systems, and therefore you will need to get the one that is compatible with the operating system you are using. Some are compatible with both Windows and Mac, but others have specific characteristics tied to single operating system use. Ensure that you get the one specifically for your OS. 


This is a question of what you intend to do with this peripheral device. Most of these tools are designed with high-end keys, including macro and media ones useful for fast access to volume and app launching. Some can connect to various devices with a single press of a button. All these are things you need to look at before you decide to pick a wireless option. If you intend to game or type with it, ensure that you get the one with well-designed keys for the job.


Wireless alternatives use Bluetooth for connection to the computer. The advantage of Bluetooth models is that they connect easily with many modern laptops. Other connections include the RF models, which are said to have fewer keystrokes compared to Bluetooth. You can also consider using the USB connection to use your computer. 


One reason for disabling an inbuilt one is because you get uncomfortable typing in the same position all the time. The wireless ones come in different models and features that allow for maximum comfortability. You can get u-shaped models that are comfortable and reduce injury.

Supply of power

 Wireless keyboards are powered by batteries, and without this, they cannot work. The best ones come with internal but rechargeable batteries. The battery life, however, varies from one model to the other. Most manufacturers will claim a longer battery life when the battery cannot last for that long. If it offers a minimum of 20 hours of battery life when used, it is a good deal.


This is a good feature and a must-have one. This helps in typing by making the keys visible whenever there is dim light. Some peripherals will offer adjustable backlight allowing the user to decide the right amount of light to use depending on their environment and save the life of the battery. 

Below are some of the best wireless keyboards available in the market:

Logitech MX

This is undoubtedly the best there is with the ability to pair with three devices at once. Whether you are using a computer, a phone, Mac, or a tablet, you can easily switch from one of them to the other. It comes with backlit keys, and the rechargeable battery can serve you for about ten days before you recharge it. The USB C cable helps in charging. You can never go wrong with this tool.

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Logitech K380

This is a good option because it is budget-friendly. Apart from being reasonably priced, this keyboard can connect to three devices allowing you to do your typing with ease whether you are using Windows, Mac, or android. It is strong, comfortable, and portable. You do not need to worry about replacing the battery soon because it lasts for about two years before replacement is needed. 

Keychron K2

This is compatible with Bluetooth and is no bank breaker when it comes to price. It is created with an 84 key design and a ten-key-less design. It is also compatible with Mac and, therefore, a good tool if you are not feeling the standard one anymore. It comes with a battery that can be recharged with a USB C cable. Moreover, night typing is made possible with a backlighting RGB. The battery can last for a week before a recharge is needed. The available gateron switches are usually appealing given that they offer a good amount of tangible response.

Final Thoughts

People can disable an inbuilt laptop peripheral for various reasons. However, it is something that needs to be done when intended and not happen by accident. The good thing about this is that you can either do permanent or temporary disabling. This means that you can still enable your peripheral once more when you want it, which is good. Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, it is still possible to disable it whenever you want to.

Moreover, this should not worry you because the market offers countless wireless alternatives you can use for typing or gaming. These can connect using a USB or Bluetooth, thus allowing you to complete your tasks with no problems. However, before you decide on getting a wireless option, make sure to look at all the features and ensure that they match your needs. Consider things like battery life, backlight feature, comfort, and above all, the budget. 

that’s it for our today’s article, I hope you enjoyed reading it.